Global Demonstrations – Washington, DC

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 4.56.20 PM7th June, 2014 – Joining together from across the world, Sufi students assembled in Washington, DC. They gathered, united for one single cause: To have returned to them a sacred signifier of their faith.

Raising their voices, they were determined to finally persuade an Italian fashion designer to acknowledge their plight; an affliction brought about by his hands.

Following demonstrations in Dallas, London, Los Angeles, New York and Dusseldorf; students rallied to end Roberto Cavalli’s relentless reticence in misappropriating the sacred Sufi emblem. His silence and dismissal has brought anger, dismay and devastation for a peace-loving global community who has suffered ferociously at the hands of Middle Eastern theocrats, leading to a mass diaspora into the West.

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